IWTProject aims to help young people to have the best careers they can possibly have.


We think we can achieve this by connecting them to the top professionals in an industry and transfer wisdom. This will help students learn from the experts and choose their jobs wisely, which will result in a great career and a happy life. 

This will also help companies to discover the brightest young people who really are interested in their industry and become very productive colleagues in the future.  

For Students

We know you're concerned. We know you want to learn what it is really like to work in that industry or at that job.

We'll connect you to the top professionals in an industry and you can ask any questions you have in your mind. 

For Companies & Professionals 

You're looking for smart, eager, curious young minds who really want to learn from you. 

We'll connect you to the brightest students and new graduates who are hard-working, intelligent, and deserve a great future.